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Bird's Concert

oil on linen, 140 x 240cm, 2014

The Empress Eugénie Surrounded by her Ladies in Waiting

oil on linen, 90 x 135cm, 2014

Het Puttertje A

oil on linen, 35 x 25cm, 2014

Threatened Swan

oil on linen, 145 x 170cm, 2014

Concert of Birds O

oil on linen, 85 x 100cm, 2014

Concert of Birds M

oil on linen,  60 x 95cm,  2014

Concert of Birds L

oil on linen,  70 x 105cm,  2014

Ice Landscape

oil on linen,  90 x 135cm,  2014

Enjoy the Ice

oil on linen,  90 x 135cm,  2014

Peacocks and Ducks

oil on linen,  215 x 180cm,  2014